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Wooden clocks for everyday life, neat work and parties

About Webstore's Bobo Bird wooden watches are high-quality wooden wristwatches with a Japanese mechanical Miota Quartz mechanism. The selections include both men's wristwatches and women's watches. Some watches are also suitable for unisex use. Whether you're looking for a new look for your urban style or thinking about a unique gift for your loved one, you'll find options in our carefully selected selection.

The wooden wristwatch can withstand drizzle

Wooden watches, like other wristwatches, should be protected from excessive moisture and dust. The water resistance of wristwatches is indicated by the ATM classification given to it. It tells the pressure that the watch can withstand, which is realized under test conditions at a certain immersion depth. The ATM classification of the watches we sell is 3 ATM, which means that the watch can withstand water splashes. For this reason, our watches are suitable for very neat everyday / work use. They can withstand drizzle and moisture from hand washing. They are not suitable for saunas, swimming or very humid conditions.

An almost maintenance-free mechanical automatic watch

The wooden clocks we sell run on a mechanical automatic mechanism and therefore do not contain batteries. The automatic watch is self-winding, in the movement that takes place in use. The automatic watch can also be wound manually, but there is no need for it in regular use. With an automatic watch, you sometimes save yourself from having to change the battery. However, if necessary, we recommend that the clock mechanism be cleaned every 5-10 years by a skilled professional. Proper storage and use of the watch can significantly reduce the need for maintenance.

Shortening the strap of a wooden wristwatch

The wooden watch can be shortened using the tool included in the package and the pictorial instructions. We recommend measuring your wrist circumference before shortening. The strap of a wooden watch is softer than metal straps, which should be taken into account when shortening. With the instructions and the tool in the package, you can easily get the wooden bells to the right size in diameter. You can also see the minimum and maximum dimensions of wooden watch bracelets on our product pages for each product. You don't need additional tools or strength to shorten the bracelet yourself. See the instructional video below.

Cleaning and maintenance of a wooden watch

Wooden clocks are partially natural material, so their cleaning and maintenance are gentle. It is good to clean a wooden wristwatch with a moistened lint-free cloth and a mild cleaning agent. Sometimes the wooden parts of the wooden clock get stained and darken. In this case, if necessary, the wooden parts can be sanded with very fine sandpaper (grit 1000-3000). After sanding and washing, you can oil the wooden wristwatch using a few drops of paraffin oil. In this way, the protection and cleanability of the surface is maintained.

We recommend storing the watches we sell in their own wooden storage cases when they are not in use. This is how you protect the watch from dust, moisture and unexpected shocks. Proper use also extends the life of the mechanical automatic mechanism. If necessary, the machinery can be cleaned and serviced every 5-10 years by a professional.

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