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We are a Finnish company founded and maintained by us, the core of which is service-based e-commerce operations. In the store, we sell products from our own warehouse and also broker products from other operators in the industry. We import most of our products ourselves and also sell abroad.

We are also a service provider and we will add different types of services to our selections. If you wish, you can get many of our products with your own logo, picture or text. (e.g. product embroidery, printing, laser engraving) Products can be designed to be used, for example, as advertising gifts for companies, business gifts or as promotional products for various events. Find out more on our partner You Name It's website. We also cooperate with many Finnish manufacturers, such as AamuFlow , which produces wonderful clothes and employs many small Finnish entrepreneurs.

We also sell products and services at wholesale prices to companies. Request an offer/ask for more information. In our company sales, there are many products that you cannot find in our store yet, but please contact us and we will discuss your needs. For companies, we are introducing Paytrail's B2b invoice as a new payment method and, of course, the normal online invoicing methods. Of course, you can also offer us your services/products for sale.

We are interested in new products, representations and cooperation, so attention suppliers, manufacturers, sellers and other networkers: leave your contact information and we will contact you. Completed contact form below. Of course, you can always call us directly.

In addition, we are very interested in feedback regarding our operations, so giving feedback is allowed and desirable for the development of our operations.


Noin Company Oy


+35850 544 2104

VAT number FI31294283


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