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Unilux: Innovative and ergonomic office supplies

Unilux, part of the Hamelin Group, is a pioneer in the field of innovative office solutions and ergonomic office accessories . With over 60 years of experience, Unilux is dedicated to improving working conditions by providing biodynamic lighting , ergonomic solutions and other office supplies that support healthy and productive workspaces.

Ergonomics and biodynamic lighting in the work environment

Unilux's product range is designed to promote the ergonomics and sustainable development of workspaces in an office environment . Their biodynamic lighting and ergonomic products help reduce the disadvantages of a sedentary lifestyle and improve the comfort and efficiency of the work environment.

More than 60 years of experience in ergonomic solutions

Unilux's long history and commitment to quality can be seen in their certified quality and environmentally friendly office products . Their products are known for their ability to create harmonious and healthy work spaces.

Certified quality and environmental friendliness

Unilux has achieved several certificates that prove their commitment to environmental friendliness and high product quality. This commitment to high-quality office supplies and environmentally friendly solutions sets Unilux apart from its competitors.

Unilux's commitment to sustainable development

Unilux's commitment to sustainable development is highlighted by the great importance of environmentally friendly products designed in accordance with sustainable development to its production. This is evident in Unilux's innovative lighting and office product solutions. Unilux strives to create products that not only improve working conditions but are also environmentally sustainable. This commitment is reflected every day in their product development and business strategy.

Hamelin Group's quality and innovation

Hamelin, an international company focused on the production of high-quality office supplies and school supplies, is behind Unilux. Hamelin's commitment to innovation, quality and the principles of sustainable development supports Unilux's efforts to offer customers the best possible solutions to the challenges of modern working life.

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