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Avolt brand

Avolt is a Swedish design studio that develops, designs and manufactures
and markets objects and products that expand
electricity to devices, utilizing Scandinavian design.
offices, homes, schools and public spaces.
For consumers who appreciate interior design.

Connect to beauty

For too long, electrical accessories have endangered interior design and architecture. Avolt was founded on the belief that electronic products can be beautiful, aesthetic and functional objects. The task is to set a new standard for homes, offices and public spaces.

Durable design

Avolt's design philosophy is fundamentally minimalist, based on fundamental, basic shapes that we know will stand the test of time. Inspired by Bruno Munari's famous "Square Circle Triangle" trilogy, each Avolt product is a tribute to the simple shapes that mankind has relied on for centuries.

Avolt's Vision

Influencing and bringing strength to people's lives by designing beautiful, timeless and
durable objects that connect devices to the mains without compromising on architecture
and interior design.

Avolt's customer promise

Expand and empower your space and equipment with Scandinavian design and electric power.