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Lemus - technology, top-level sound and design together

Lemus ApS was founded in 2014 by Danish designer and entrepreneur Rasmus Møller Kastrup. He wanted to revolutionize the way we think about sound. His primary vision was to combine technology and design. Rasmus Møller Kastrup has created and grown Lemus into an international lifestyle company in cooperation with the best Danish sound designers and manufacturers.

Prestigious design award winner

Lemus has won the German Design Award 2018 for its new collection.
We want to offer our customers excellent sound in Personal Audio products
and exclusive Nordic design and top-level design.
We serve a quality-conscious consumer who does not want to compromise on sound
and not in appearance. The selection includes products for all homes.

Simple design combined with good sound quality

Lemus manufactures products of interest to consumers that combine sound and design
in a unique way for quality-conscious consumers. This recipe is sure to please everyone.

We at Dekoja.net want to bring Lemus' wonderful products to people's awareness and to every home, restaurant and, for example, office, such wonderful products in terms of quality and appearance. Order yours today!