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The clock is an essential accessory that fits perfectly in any room in your company:

  • office room
  • open space
  • chamber
  • passageways and corridors
  • lobby spaces

Consider why watches are still useful to wear:

Placing a clock in the workspace gives employees the opportunity to avoid checking the time on their smartphone or phone, and thus they are not tempted to check their messages or browse the internet at the same time.
Thus, the clock allows for increased concentration and productivity, as workers are less distracted.

In order for the clock to be easily readable from a distance, it is important that it has:

  • good contrast between the background of the dial and the color of the numbers (better contrast with the color of the numbers)
  • white background / black numbers)
  • good height of the numbers (at least about 3 cm) and preferably in Arabic letters.

In addition, the choice of watch can be made according to the different needs of the consumer. We have a wide selection of different watches for your use, take a look!