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Collection: Musou Black - the blackest black in the world

Musou Black is a highly light-absorbing black paint known for its ability to absorb up to 99.4% of visible light.

This makes it one of the blackest paints on the market, giving surfaces a deep, space-like darkness. The manufacturer of Musou Black is a Japanese company called Koyo Orient Japan. In Finland, the Dekoja.net online store is its only distributor and importer.

Musou Black Paint - the world's blackest black paint is now Finally available in Finland!

The paint's exceptionally high light absorption capacity is due to its unique composition, which contains nanoscale particles. These particles allow light to be effectively captured and scattered, which minimizes reflection and makes the paint surface look very black.

Musou Black is used in many applications where extreme blackness is required, such as art, scientific applications such as the interior surfaces of telescopes to reduce light reflection, and creative and architectural projects that benefit from its unique appearance. The use of paint is not limited to professional use; it is also popular with DIY enthusiasts and artists who want to create visually impressive projects.

However, it should be noted that Musou Black's high light absorption can lead to rapid heating of the paint surface in sunlight, which must be taken into account when planning applications. Also, although the paint is very black, its durability and lifespan depends on the application and how it is used and cared for.

Please note that Musou Black paint is very sensitive and scratches easily, so take this into account when painting surfaces subject to heavy wear or constant contact!