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We use 100% carbon-neutral transport

Matkahuolto's finnish parcel transports are 100% carbon neutral from 1 July 2022.

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This time, we open with a topical issue, i.e. the reform of Matkahuolto, which talks about reducing the carbon footprint of package transports in the online store. In our store, you can choose Matkahuolto's delivery as the delivery method with the text transport is carbon neutral. Unfortunately only valid for domestic transport in Finland. This is also made possible by our partner Shipit .

It is really great that nowadays it is possible for us to use methods in transport where emissions and the use of fossil fuels are minimized. We believe that as e-commerce continues to grow, the majority of operators strive to minimize the emissions they cause by constantly looking for new forms of delivery and ways to implement green transport, both in land and air transport. In the near future, we will certainly see electric airplanes and drones transporting cargo with carbon-neutral electricity. Before that, the Finnish Neste, as the world's leading producer of renewable fuels, increases the supply of renewable fuels to aviation with 100% renewable Neste MY aviation fuel. Nearby shipments is also becoming electrified at a fast pace, and what's better for nature and thus also for each of us.


House of Marley in the spirit of sustainable development

House of Marley, which also arrived in spring as a novelty in our selections, has invested in a product collection in line with sustainable development from the beginning and uses recycled fabrics, plastics and renewables, e.g. wood materials in the manufacture of their products.

The materials of House of Marley's products have been carefully selected, I will list the materials and their properties below so that you can get to know the brand better:

  • Bamboo
One of the fastest growing plants in the world, one individual plant can produce up to 15 kilometers of bamboo canes. CNC-milled bamboo offers a modern look that belongs to a rapidly renewable and easy-to-maintain natural resource. The carbon-rich process used in production gives bamboo greater tensile and compressive strength than wood.


  • REWIND ™ recycling fabric
The REWIND ™ fabric is woven from recycled materials, resulting in a high-quality and durable material. 30% organic cotton, 30% recycled hemp and 40% recycled PET fiber have been used in the production. REWIND ™ fabric is used in all headphones and speaker cases. The bags are also made of the same REWIND ™ fabric.


  • Recycled aluminum
The efficient reuse of recyclable aluminum significantly reduces the amount of material that comes from waste. Aluminum has been recycled for over 50 years. Recycling saves energy and significantly reduces global mining. Recyclable aluminum can be found in headphones and the great STIR IT UP record player (ed. note, which can also be ordered from us, send us a free-form message )

about webstore stir it up bluetooth turntable

  • REGRIND ™ silicone
In the production of REGRIND ™ Silicone, special attention is paid to the material, which is made by recycling and post-processing recycled materials. Protective fabrics, headband cushions, ear cushions, all of which are crucial for user comfort - are all partly made of REGRIND ™ Silicone products.


  • Recycled paper
Recycled paper, which is very familiar to us Finns, consists of recycled and recovered material. By using recycled paper, we can reduce the total demand for harvested wood and the paper that ends up in the landfill. In sustainable manufacturing processes, we use recycled paper in our packaging.


  • Wood composite
A wood composite based on combining wood tissues and plastic fibers is more durable than normal wood. The manufacturing process requires much less energy than the traditional wood industry. Wood composite is a beautiful and durable design component in our speaker enclosures.


  • FSC ™ certified wood
FSC ™ forests are managed in a way that takes the environment into account. This ensures that new ones are planted in place of the felled trees and they are grown naturally. Certified FSC ™ forests get their name from environmental protection, healthy forestry, social commitment and prevention of illegal forest use. That's why we use FSC ™ certified wood for our headphones and other products.


  • Stainless steel
We use stainless steel to minimize environmental impact and improve durability. This material will not corrode, rust or stain if exposed to water. It is 100% recyclable. We use stainless steel in the headphones and brackets.


  • Leather
Leather is a durable natural material, it is used as carrying straps for speakers. Leather enables fine details and is a pleasant material. Leather degrades faster in nature than other manufacturing materials.


  • Recycled plastics
Recycling plastics saves nature and energy. It reduces the need for landfills and thus prevents microplastics from ending up in waterways. We use recycled plastic for all speaker and headphone cases and packaging materials.


  • Recycled PET
Recycled PET fiber is created by processing plastic and can be combined with other materials. Most Pet fibers are made from plastic bottles, which reduces the load on landfills. Recycled PET fiber is used in REWIND ™ fabric. We use this fabric in headphones, cases and protective bags.


  • Cap
Renewable, biodegradable and 100% natural, organic cork is obtained from environmentally friendly forest management. This innovative and down-to-earth material is used in the frames of the products.


  • Recycling metals
Recycled metals can be utilized in the future for many different purposes. The use of the material saves energy and enables a cleaner manufacturing process. This reduces the waste of the mining industry and the resulting burden on the environment. Recyclable metals are used in earplugs, buckles, controls and cases.


  • Non-toxic silicone
The parts used in In-Ear headphones are made of medical non-toxic silicone, which reduces the formation of bacteria in the parts that come into contact with the skin. Silicone is an excellent material because it can be easily worked into various new shapes and uses.


  • Organic cotton
Organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Organic farming also significantly reduces the need for water. We use cotton as part of our REWIND ™ fabric.


In the picture House of Marley manufacturing materials


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Read below Matkahuolto's own original news on the subject


Matkahuolto has determined the carbon footprint of its parcel services, which they will monitor annually in the future. In order to produce carbon-neutral parcel transport, Matkahuolto uses emission compensation alongside its own emission reduction measures. Compensation is implemented by supporting certified carbon sequestration and emission reduction projects in Finland and India.

Matkahuolto's goal is to be a completely carbon-neutral company by 2030. The emission reduction goal is aimed at by focusing on the most essential emissions and making all package transport completely fossil-free by the end of the decade. In Matkahuolto's own cars, fossil fuels will be replaced with biodiesel from the beginning of 2023. In addition to this, Matkahuolto's own stations will use green electricity and district heating.

Emissions compensation is part of Matkahuolto's responsibility program, one of the four themes of which is the environment. Matkahuolto wants to do its part in the fight against climate change by minimizing negative and strengthening positive environmental effects. For this reason, Matkahuolto will in the future focus especially on promoting environmentally friendly transport solutions and supporting sustainable mobility.

The compensation amount for carbon-neutral parcel transport is based on the annual emissions calculation, which Matkahuolto implements in cooperation with Gaia. Matkahuolto's compensation partner is Nordic Offset.

Read more about the topic on Matkahuolto's website

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